Tim (assumed name) showed up about a month ago. He’s very respectful, appreciative and a bit quiet. He asked for some help paying for a prescription, so we gave him a $25 Walmart gift card. He was very thankful and was able to use the balance to treat himself to a few more items.

Then yesterday Tim again asked for help with his prescription, and instead of just giving him a gift card, we took the opportunity sit down and have a deeper discussion about why he’s homeless and what his plan is. “How can we help you so that you can eventually pay for things like this on your own”? This led to him sharing about his past, what type of job he’d like to have and that he needs help obtaining his ID. So, we helped him get his ID and now we’ll help him find a job.

Having gift cards to share with our young guests is very important. While we can provide many items, we can’t have everything on hand which they may need. And the “added value” of a gift card is that it gives us an opportunity to learn more of their story and figure out how we can provide greater assistance in helping them move forward.

Being able to provide $25 and $50 Walmart gift cards is vital! If you’d like to assist in providing these, please click on the link below. (And when making your gift, click on the drop down arrow and select gift cards.)

Thank you for your consideration!

Brad Bills
Executive Director