Last week someone visited our Resource Center for a tour and discussion about our services. A question she asked, which is not unusual, was “how many of your guests are able to obtain housing?” So, I shared some thoughts about how it’s hard for us to keep track as we don’t run a structured “program”, and often when someone obtains housing, we may not see them again. My best estimate is that about 1/3 of our guests obtain some type of stable shelter or housing within the time frame of them accessing our services.

And then, in walked Courtney (assumed name). I’d been wondering about her as we hadn’t seen her in a while. She came in specifically to say hi and “report” on how she’s doing! She’s got a good job at a senior living facility, is working toward obtaining her CNA and is renting a decent apartment. It was so nice to see her, hear how she’s doing and hear how much she appreciated our support.

And later that same day, in walked Chris and Amber (assumed names) and their two young children. They came to donate clothing too, let us know how they’re doing and express their thanks for our support! I almost didn’t recognize Chris as he looked so healthy, happy and strong, a far cry from the burned out, addicted and weak young man from a couple of years ago. The interaction was incredibly special for all of us!

Much of the time our work is very challenging, frustrating and sad. Visits like these certainly provide a nice boost of encouragement and energy in staying faithful to the mission of loving, serving and assisting these special and resilient young people!