Recently one of our faithful volunteers, Mike, led a weekly life skills class. Only one guest showed up, which didn’t discourage Mike, but gave opportunity for more personal sharing.  Part of the class was answering some questions, which gave Mike some insight into his young guest and into the lives of the young people we serve.

The first question was, “What would you fight for?” The young lady shared “My sister!” She shared her sister is almost eight and even though they haven’t seen each other in over a year, she thinks about her constantly. She shared that her sister lives with their mother in a van, doesn’t know where she is and isn’t sure they will see each other again.

Another question was, “What makes you feel fulfilled and satisfied?” Her answer was “The feeling I’m on the right track.” Our young guest recently passed her first GED test and is excited about the goal she has set, to pass all four tests by her next birthday in September. After that, she hopes to attend college, to pursue an education in music. She’d like to become a musician who shares a positive message and makes people happy!

This interaction was a reminder for Mike, that our guests have endured trauma beyond what most of us can imagine or experienced, and in many cases the trauma is caused by the ones who should love them the most. And, that despite the trauma, many of our guests still desire to improve their lives and the lives of others around them.

Thank you Mike for your faithful service, and for being a healthy and caring adult in the lives of our young guests!