During a visit recently, a pastor described our Resource Center as a “beachhead”, for which I found this definition; “a defended position on a beach taken from the enemy by landing forces, from which an attack can be launched.” Hmmm, interesting I thought.

Also recently, I opened our “weapons cupboard”, and took the attached picture. When our guests visit our Resource Center, we hold their weapons while they visit. Usually, it’s a bat or large knife or other miscellaneous item. (We do not allow guns) This cupboard is filled with items our guests have forgotten to take with them.

Yes, there are certainly elements of “battle” our young homeless community face every day. The young people we serve are indeed battling against the influences of their past, against the influence of drugs, against the consequences of destructive decision making, against the temptation to “give up”, against the threat of being trafficked, and against the threats of being robbed, beaten up and abused.

Maybe our Resource Center is indeed a beachhead, a place where we as a community join in this battle and provide the support, assistance and help our young people need to survive. And not to just survive, but we hope to someday thrive and experience a life filled with health and purpose.

Please pray for our staff and volunteers as we provide the safety, support, love and assistance our vulnerable young homeless community desperately needs.

Thank you.