Dylan (assumed name), showed up a couple of months ago, moving here from Southern Oregon. They were very glad to find us and were clearly determined to get off the streets. So even though we didn’t know them well, we felt positive enough to place them in one of the pallet shelters we have at Everyone Village.

Dylan settled into their new space and immediately obtained employment at a fast-food restaurant. And now after a fairly short time, has been promoted to a manager position! They are working hard at saving $ and hope to purchase a car and get into housing soon. We may need to assist in helping them get their driver’s license.

Dylan grew up in a very conservative home, and when they decided to “come out”, was asked to leave. This led to life on the streets and the challenges and trauma that come with that. Dylan is part of a large percentage of the LGBTQ+ community who end up on the streets due to family rejection. According to the National Coalition for the Homeless, LGBTQ+ young people face significantly higher rates of homelessness. At Hosea, we love, serve and offer support to all who come through our doors, regardless of how they may identify sexually.

Please pray for Dylan as they continue to work toward a life of health and purpose.