Mark (assumed name) has been one of our “favorite” guests for a while. He’s respectful, appreciative, and usually has a smile on his face. We don’t know a lot about him, but do know he’s 17, attended many different high schools and did not graduate. He’s also being intentional about trying to figure life out and how to take care of himself.

His question led us into a discussion about social service and nonprofit work, my history and life story, a little about his life story and what may be a good path forward. So, I had him apply to a large local nonprofit which offers many entry level jobs and reached out to a contact who may be able to provide some assistance. My hope is he’ll get hired, develop some work and life skills, and eventually pursue some further education.

Even though Mark has had a rough beginning to life, he still has hope! He has hope for a life off the streets, a life where he can take care of himself, a life where he can give back! Not all our young guests have much hope, but we are striving to help inspire, boost and create the very essential power of hope in each and every one!

Thank you for your prayers for Mark and for the power of hope in each of our young guests.