We have a small group of our guests’ who have several cats “together”. They keep these cats in a large crate with a litter box, which certainly needs regular attention! So, due to strong odor coming from the box, I offered to buy them some cat litter. This was as much for the sake of our staff and guests as it was for the cats!

Walking to the pet store gave me a good chance to interact with Tom (assumed name). Tom is 20 and has a very similar story as most of our young guests; abused and abandoned as a teenager and has been on the streets for several years. But unlike many of our guests, Tom has a strong desire to “make something of his life” and move forward. He stated “I need to prove to my Dad that I am capable and I’m not the worthless piece of #@!% he said I was”.

Tom shared he would like to study psychology and possibly get into counseling so he can help young people like himself. So, we got online, checked out the opportunities at Lane Community College, and began to dream and form a plan. He saw the real possibilities of making his dream come true, which led him to express great appreciation for a little guidance and encouragement.

Please pray for Tom, that he will follow through with some steps to move forward. And thank you for partnering with us in serving young people like Tom!