After last week’s email, I received the following from a someone who also works with hurting young people: “Blessings to you and your team.  I agree, it is very good you are where you are. Lighthouses often get tested with wind, rain, fog and other rough weather. It is during these times the lighthouse is needed even more. Continue to shine your light. It is much needed.” Thank you friend, for these words of affirmation!

We had several situations this past week which were very “testing” for our staff and exemplify the “storm” our young guest’s face. First, a young man was in serious distress after using fentanyl, so we called paramedics who quickly arrived and provided needed assistance. Then a conflict on the street spilled over into our space, causing significant tension and resulting in a boy being quickly exited. And then a young man took a special piece of clothing from another, resulting in a very emotional exchange and ultimately the two young men being expelled from our Resource Center for a couple of weeks. (And let me say that in each of these situations, our staff worked exceptionally well together in de-escalating, remaining calm and maintaining control!)

Given the nature of our young guest’s lives, from significant childhood trauma to the challenges of living in constant danger on the streets, their lives are going to be filled with tension, anger, mistrust and conflict. May the Hosea Resource Center always be a source of light, a place that can guide them toward lives of health and purpose!

Thank you to all of you who help our Resource Center to be a shining light!