“Do you think you help me get some shoes I’m at work and I’ve been working with them blowin out walking on the side and my feet hurt so bad I’ve been working and trying to get some but didn’t have enough and have to get something the new baby needed But my feet hurt so bad at work I have flip flops for home”

I received this text from John (assumed name) yesterday, so we met and I bought him a pair of shoes. He’s got size 14 feet, so it took us a couple of stops! J

I met John and his young family several years ago. After some time on the streets, their kids spending time in foster care and John being in and out of several jobs, they’ve established some stability. They’re in low income housing and he’s working regularly in construction, but like most of the young people we serve, even when housed up and employed, they still need quite a bit of assistance.

Serving our young homeless community is so much more than providing food, clothing, showers, etc. and a safe place off the streets. We work hard to establish relationships so we can provide the significant level of assistance these young people need. And very likely, these relationships will last for years and years.

Please pray for John and his young family as they continue to work toward lives of health and purpose. And thank you for your support, which enabled us to provide John new pair of shoes!