David (assumed name) has been a somewhat regular guest for a year or so. While we don’t know a lot of his story, we do know he’s pretty driven to get off the street, he’s very respectful and appreciative of our service, and he just turned 18.

A few weeks ago he was talking with Chelsea, our Guest Advocate, and he asked about housing. While we don’t offer much, we do have nine pallet shelters we’re able to provide for temporary shelter. It just so happened we had a vacancy and David is just the type of young guest we like to offer these to. David enthusiastically jumped at the opportunity and as he was reviewing the paperwork exclaimed, “you mean all I had to do was ask”?

While we offer many resources and services which are obvious, such as food, clothing, showers, laundry, and computer access. we can provide many other which are also vital for assisting our guests. These include ID, cell phones, connections to employment, educational support and physical health support. Some of our guests will actively pursue more extensive aid, but for many it takes a bit of time before they feel safe or confident enough to ask.

Our staff and volunteers work hard to provide a safe and supportive space, to learn stories and develop relationships. We desire that each of our young guests will feel comfortable and confident in asking for assistance toward what we hope will be a life of health and purpose!