James (assumed name) and his girlfriend showed up about 6 months ago, coming from Portland looking for a fresh start. James was clearly beaten down, frustrated and discouraged, but had not yet given up hope. Both he and his girlfriend were very respectful and appreciative of our service and our relationships began to grow.

As we continued to talk, it became clear they were both committed to get off the streets and pursue a healthier lifestyle, So we placed them in pallet shelters at Everyone Village, assisted with helping to find employment, and James entered into regular counseling with the CAFA counselor who serves at our Resource Center. And then his girlfriend got pregnant, which caused them both to work toward permanent housing with more urgency.

So, this week we made a decision to do provide some significant support, to loan James the $ he needed to get into his own place. We’ve entered into a simple contract for repayment, which after looking over his budget, should be very manageable. He’s very excited to have his own place for the first time in his life and is relieved to have a place which will allow him to care for his new child.

Your financial partnership allows all of this to happen! Thank you for providing the resources which enable a young couple like this to work toward lives of health and purpose!