When one of our young guests turns 25, we “up the expectations” in order to continue to access our services. As we serve ages 16 – 24 with very little in the way of expectations to move forward, at age 25 we turn up the heat. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t.

Tommy (assumed name) has been accessing our services for several years, has been mostly respectful and appreciative, but showed very little interest in working on his life. He is very street tough and smart and can look pretty intimidating. Tommy recently turned 25, so we had “the talk” and I was a bit nervous as to how he would respond.

Well, the timing of our talk and what he was feeling was perfect! He stated he’s tired of his current lifestyle and is ready to try and move forward. Yesterday he came in and asked me for a piece of paper, and what he wrote down is in this picture. He said he wants help and accountability with each of these issues, so we’ve begun the process of helping him with each one. Please take a close look as it gives you a good idea of the issues many of our young guests are dealing with.

Tommy has a long way to go and the I’m sure there will be bumps along the way, but it’s so encouraging that he’s eager and willing to try and move forward. Please pray for him!