Katie (assumed name) has been a regular guest the past couple of years. She’s had and lost jobs, she’s been in and out of relationships, she’s stayed in our pallet shelters, she’s had and lost cats, and she’s been in the middle of drama. She’s always respectful to our staff and appreciates our service, but for some reason she’s had a hard time moving forward.

But recently, she’s made some decisions which show some maturity and a desire to move toward a healthier life. The biggest step being she’s acknowledged her alcohol dependency and has moved into an Oxford House, a sober living transitional home. Oxford House requires a rent payment, which is very reasonable, so she’s also pursuing employment. However, she needs a first month payment and has no $, so we loaned her the first month rent and entered into a simple contract for repayment.

Katie is a good example of so many of the young people we work with. Due to their childhood trauma and dysfunction, they get stuck in a lifestyle which is very hard to break out of. They need a significant amount of support, encouragement and patience as they navigate a society which has been very hard on them and very hard for them to function within.

Please pray for Katie, that she will stay on this positive path and get to a point where she can truly care for herself and enjoy a healthier and more purposeful life.