A good friend of mine sometimes teases me, “Brad, have you started that Outward Bound Program yet? That’s something I’d be willing to help you with!” Of course, he’s referring to sending our young homeless guests out of the area, which is maybe a feeling many people may have…

The truth is, several times, we’ve purchased a bus or train ticket for someone. We’re cautious about doing this only when we know the move will be positive and do our best to ensure there will be good support and options once they get to their destination. As we strive to effectively serve our young guests, maybe a change of location and being around other support systems is a good alternative!

Recently a young man wanted to move back to Texas to be with his family. His Grandmother owns and runs a restaurant he could work in, which I verified in a pleasant conversation with her. So, we bought the Greyhound ticket, and off he went. And this week, I received this nice message from him: “Hey Brad, I’m good! The restaurant is going well. I got to spend my birthday with my actual mom for the first time in many years the other day, so I’m really up and giddy about that, lol.”

“Outward Bound” will never be a focal point of our service, but providing this type of assistance on an as-needed basis is a nice service.

Thank you for your support and partnership in helping to make this happen.