As we look to wrap up another calendar year of service, it’s time to look back, evaluate, adjust and make plans. We certainly “feel” like we’re having some impact and making a difference in the lives of our young homeless community, but we also need to verify that with some data.

These are some #’s we’ve recently begun to review, through October 15.

  • Total # of visits               7,302
  • # of different guests          451
  • # of first time guests         365
  • # of showers taken         2,765
  • # of loads of laundry         761

One statistic we don’t keep is # of meals provided. With over 7,000 visits and offering two hearty meals a day, I’m sure that # is over 10,000.

Also, 84% of our guests identify as Caucasian, 54% as he/him, 39% as she/her, and 7% as they/them or other. The average age of our guests is 22.

Since we are not a “program” and don’t require “action steps” in order to receive services, we have not tracked results like obtained employment, obtained housing, entered into treatment, etc. Now that we have hired a Guest Advocate who will be working more closely with our guests, we will begin to keep track of these types of actions.

Thank you so much for your role in serving our young homeless community! It is you, our volunteers, meal groups, financial partners, item donors, etc. who are vital to providing these services to our young homeless community! And not just physical services, but love, safety, encouragement and hope for a life of health and purpose!