It’s not supposed to be this way…Abandonment and Lack of Care

A couple of weeks ago, Amber (assumed name) showed up. She was quiet, respectful and very appreciative of our services. Since she kind of kept to herself, we didn’t know much of her story.

Then one day last week I noticed her playing pool, so I “challenged” her to a game. J She readily agreed and was a pretty good player. But more importantly, in the context of playing, I began to learn her story. She was visiting here from Reno because her Mother was in hospice, and fortunately she was able to spend several days with her before she passed.  I asked her about her relationship with her Mom and she hesitantly responded, “Well, I think she was more important to me than I was to her”. Ugh, it’s not supposed to be this way……….

I’ve been in youth oriented non-profit work for over 25 years now, and sadly, this statement is very descriptive of how so many of our young people feel. Abandonment, abuse and overall lack of care of young people is such a significant issue within our culture. And at Hosea, we serve those who have experienced this in extreme ways.

Because Amber has good roots and support in Reno, but was lacking funds to get back home, we purchased a bus ticket for her. She was most appreciative!

Thank you for being with us in serving and loving the young people who need it the most!

Your donations are much appreciated!