“Brad, I’m very depressed and really need some help”, John (assumed name) shared with me. After trying to encourage him and discussing professional counseling, I realized we must do a better job of providing for our young guest’s mental health needs. Our staff and volunteers work hard to love, listen, serve and encourage, but the wounds are deep and mental health support is vital in helping so many of our guests to move forward.

I am very pleased to share that we have begun a partnership with CAFA, Christians as Family Advocates! After sharing my thoughts with Corey Jackson, their Executive Director, several months ago, we’ve put together a plan to have one of their therapists at our Resource Center one day a week to start. And I’m pretty sure as our guests begin to realize this service is available and begin to engage, the demand will increase, and the therapist’s availability will increase as well.

Nearly every one of our young guests were born into families where generational poverty, addictions, abuse and abandonment were very prevalent. These young people predominantly haven’t chosen this lifestyle, they were born into it. And when you learn our guests’ stories, you begin to understand why they medicate, why they left home and why they struggle within our society. We believe that as we provide greater mental health support, our guests will be better empowered to move toward lives of health and purpose.

Thank you for your support and prayers as we provide this service!