For the past several years, Ron Sticka has faithfully showed up on a weekly basis to share his love of music with our guests. And not only his love of music, but his desire to provide assistance to PTSD victims in healing through the power of music. Through the Kim Sticka PTSD Music and Arts Foundation, Ron has assisted many in our area with their journey toward healing. Kim Sticka Foundation

Recently two of our guests were rewarded with their own guitar for completion of Ron’s guitar course! They were both elated to receive their guitars and have expressed a desire to use their guitar skills in helping others. The other young man in the picture will complete a ukulele course very soon and will receive a new ukulele.

As we strive to assist our young guests with their journey toward lives of health and purpose, providing learning opportunities like this is vital! We currently offer a weekly art class and a class entitled “Lasting Happiness”. And once our new classroom is completed, which is very soon, we’ll be able to offer many more opportunities for learning, counseling and growth.

Thank you Ron for your faithful service and for the impact you have had in many of our young guests lives!

Brad Bills
Executive Director