about hosea youth services

About Hosea Youth Services

Hosea Youth Services was born on the streets of Eugene in 1995 in response to the growing number of homeless and hungry youth.

Hosea became an official non-profit organization in 1997.

Since then, we have transformed what started as a meals service into a multi-faceted effort to help homeless youth build and sustain a life away from the streets. Hosea seeks to provide a safe place to meet the basic needs of homeless youth and offer hope, friendship, referral services, job training and spiritual encouragement for those who are interested.


Hosea Youth Services has been focusing its attention on serving homeless youth in Lane County for over 20 years. However, HYS and others in our community, have recently been asking the question: what if we were to meet youth before they spent a night on the street?

As part of a community alliance, this question has been discussed for a couple of years and has slowly been reshaping our own vision at Hosea. Since 2015, we have been looking at ways in which we can prevent homelessness, while at the same time serving those who currently find themselves there.

This has led us to widen our focus to include housing for youth who are at-risk but not currently homeless, as well as develop programs to include this demographic of youth. We are excited about this because if we can prevent youth from ever spending time on the streets, we can truly see lives changed and homelessness decreased in our county.

Who We Serve

The youth we serve are young people between the ages of 12 and 22 who are without a safe, stable place to sleep and often are not living as part of a family with a responsible parent figure.

Youth who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless come from all socio-economic and ethnic backgrounds. Many are affected by childhood trauma, substance abuse, teenage pregnancy and the stress of street life; all of which can delay healthy adolescent development. These youth commonly suffer from deficits in their social skills, communication skills, opportunities, confidence and self worth.

Hosea’s Goals are to:

  • Help homeless youth build and sustain lives away from the streets.
  • Increase prevention efforts in Lane County for youth at-risk of becoming homeless.
  • Provide an environment that is safe, hospitable, and restful.
  • Demonstrate to youth that we sincerely care about them and will consistently be there for them.

Hoping, Praying For Their Safety: She wasn’t even a teenager when one of her Mom’s boyfriends began abusing her. She was made to feel like it was her fault by the mother who was afraid to be alone and had already had three husbands. It was no surprise when this girl “ran away”; it was the safest way out she could see. She went from couch to couch, from friend to friend, finally finding a family among those on the street. We could see her at the Center coming for dinner, using the laundry and shower, but she kept her distance and often the look (makeup, dress and heels) as she went back out onto the street made us uneasy. She came and went and kept her distance and then disappeared. We always wonder, hope the best, and fear the worst, as we pray for her and so many others.

Hosea Youth Services

Mailing Address:
Hosea Youth Services
PO Box 5531
Eugene, OR 97405

Drop-In Physical Address:
(Inside the church on 8th & Monroe)
834 Monroe Street
Eugene, OR 97402

Most Urgent Needs

- YOU: Volunteers
- Monthly Support (Donations)
- Winter Garments (esp. coats)
- Clean, New Undergarments
- Backpacks & Jeans
- Camping Equipment
- Toiletries
- Paper and Cleaning Supplies


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