Imagination International Inc. is the nation’s leader in Copic markers and many other art supplies. They started in 1998 with 2 employees committed to putting the best artistic tools in the hands of inspiring artists. Now they have a 40,000 sq. ft. facility and 70 employees.

One of the best programs they have is the loaner program. This program allows art teachers that want to inspire student and schools that don’t have enough funds for an art program have just that. The sets get loaned out to classrooms for a 3 week period and then returned to be refilled and cleaned so it can go back. Thats where we come in.

Imagination pays Hosea Youth Services to bring 4 youth 2 times a week to work on all these loaner sets. What an amazing corporation! This program helps thousands of kids per year have an art program that would have been cut if it wasn’t for Imagination International.

When I started working for Hosea, one of my responsibilities was to be the one bringing the kids to Imagination International every Tuesday and Thursday from 1-4pm.

This summer we were approached and asked if we could do more hours because of the increased demand. So now we go from 10am-4pm. It’s such a good benefit for our youth, it puts a little money in there pocket that they would not have had otherwise. It also teaches them time management since all the markers we have to do are on a time limit. It teaches them a good work ethic, professional attitude in the workplace, and is great work experience for future job searchers.

We also get to work with awesome people. Doneta and her daughter Ashli are the 2 staff that we report to, and have been instrumental in our growing partnership with them. Every time we work, the youth are greeted with kindness and are given responsibilities that help them mature and become self sufficient.

What I’ve enjoyed the most is the relationships that I get to have with our Hosea youth. All the kids that come with me work so hard, and I am so proud of them. Right now I have LeeAnn, Jacob A, Kenny G, and Kenny D gaining experience at Imagination International and they are doing a great job. Thanks you guy; you are appreciated!

I would especially like to thank Imagination International Inc. for their generosity and support.

~ Christina Alvarez, Thrift Store Manager

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