We are continually looking for good, committed people. But what organization isn’t? We are a volunteer driven or ran organization and have been since we began. We have had incredible individuals give their time and resources to serve these youth excellently. When we first started developing out the program for the Youth Home we knew we were going to need a lot of people; it was going to take a village.

Here we are a couple months in to the first girl moving into the home and we now have 8 girls housed! Such an incredible blessing to be able to provide stable housing for up to 13 girls and what an experience it has been. It has been such a joy partnering with SVDP, DS, Mckinney Vento Liaisons and so many other community partners to make this a reality for the young women in our community.

Now that we have a couple of months under our belt one of the most glaring needs is volunteer support. Not only for the girls, and the day to day operations of the home, but for our house staff as well.

We have 24 hour staff support, on-site, for youth and we have a unique opportunity for volunteers to get involved and act as volunteer staff. We continue to interview and meet with unbelievable people but are continually reminded that we have a house that is open 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. We realize it will take more than just a few volunteers to help act as support for the youth in the home as well as staff.

We have volunteer opportunities on the weekend as well as during the week! Our drop-in center is open minimal hours during the week and often times that naturally is a barrier for people who work full-time and would also like to volunteer. If you have been thinking about or wanting to get involved with Hosea but haven’t been able due to your schedule, volunteering at the house would be a great place to start!

Connect with me today to hear more about the volunteer opportunities that we have!

Karri Tinnes

Thanks for all you do! And for considering becoming a part of our team.


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