For those who do know, and those who don’t, the Vocational Placement Program (VPP) is one of the programs that we offer at Hosea Youth Services to accomplish our mission of helping the youth of Lane County create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets. This past summer marked a new chapter in the vocational program at Hosea as we continue to work diligently to create opportunities for youth to access work opportunities as well as learn job skills necessary for them to change their lives and create a future that is brighter than they though possible.

Since June of this year, 36 youth have enrolled in the Vocational Placement Program. Of those 36 youth, 21 are youth who access our Drop-In Center on a consistent basis and who we have been able to build stronger relationships with over the past 4 months specifically. Of those 21 youth, 14 have been placed into a job during that time and we currently have 5 youth who are placed in a long term position with others following closely behind them.

It has been incredible to see how these youth have responded to the opportunities placed before them and for me, as the Vocational Placement Director, to be able to get to know them and hear what their goals are for their lives. To sit and talk about their dreams and then be able to work with them in the present to start building toward those has been incredibly humbling and something I feel honored to be able to do on a daily basis.

With many of the youth currently enrolled in the VPP, we have discussed the importance of clean and sober living in order to attain long term employment and they have taken on the challenge of working to abstain from drugs they have grown accustomed to using. They are choosing to focus on where they want to go and what they need to do to get there and it has been encouraging to see them fight that battle for their futures.

These youth have so much to offer and we are working to provide new opportunities for work constantly. If you are someone who would like to partner with us in that or know of businesses who would be willing to work with our youth in order to help accomplish our mission, please contact us!

Grace and Peace,
Ryan Arel

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