Time together as a team is so important. Communication is a key component to the success of our team. Making sure we all feel supported by one another in our various projects and responsibilities, that we feel heard and valued and a time to remind ourselves of why each of us is here. We all believe in God’s mission for Hosea. These are just a few reasons why we have weekly staff meetings and why we have all day staff meetings and retreats at least twice a year.

Our next all staff meeting day is this coming Friday. I am so looking forward to our time together. The agenda for these days are filled with prayer, time in the word, review of current projects, dreaming and plans for future projects and creating unity.

Over the years these days have not only been highly productive but filled with laughter, joy, and sometimes tears. No matter what we always walk away more unified than before. God continues to bless and bring incredible people to Hosea and I consider it a huge blessing to sit amongst this team.

These kind of days are some of my favorites. They are an intense 6-7 hours but we walk away feeling refreshed, on the same page, and heard. These times act as an important tool to remind ourselves why we are all sitting in the same room.

This week as we go into an entire day together pray that God would move in big ways! We not only get to pray for each other at these meetings but also for the youth we serve, the city and community we are a part of and all of the people who help make Hosea happen.. each and everyone of you!

Thank you to everyone who makes this organization run. Ending youth homelessness is a community effort and it is amazing to be a part of that community. Because of you we are able to take time away to make sure that we are taking care of our staff. As we know, in order to create a culture of excellence our people must be healthy so that the ministry itself can be healthy.

That’s why we value our weekly meetings together, staff retreats, and planning days. We believe that our youth, employees, and volunteers deserve the very best from us. We strive to ensure that quality of life for our youth and our organization is outstanding. We take the responsibility of our stewardship seriously through careful consideration and prayer. Hard work. Train and equip. This is straight from the HYS employee handbook and I love that I have the opportunity to work for an organization and with people who value people.


Karri Tinnes

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