Many of the kids that walk the streets of our city, stand on the corners of our downtown, sleep under our bridges and seek refuge in our dark alley ways have been:

  • Abandoned, forgotten and not chosen by the by the people that were supposed to choose them.
  • Abused and neglected by the people that were supposed to protect them.
  • Left out to die.
  • Lost and alone by the circumstances they have found themselves trapped in.
  • Invisible and misunderstood by our community that doesn’t know how to help them.

All of this leaves them believing the lies that they are unloved and unworthy, feeling utterly hopeless that there is a better tomorrow.

At Hosea we address these issues every day through the different opportunities we provide:

Our Drop In Center is the HUB where we get boots on the ground and meet kids where they’re at…

  • We offer empowerment and real life application through our Life Skills Classes
  • Ownership and a voice through our Youth Volunteer Program
  • Investment, guidance and love through mentorship and discipleship
  • We meet their basic needs by offering things like showers, laundry, clothing, back packs, or whatever else they may be in need of
  • And meals! Here, we are able to rally community involvement, as we currently have 76 different people who come in with different groups throughout the month to provide incredible dinners and feed kids the same way we would feed our own families at our own dinner tables- communicating to them their worth!

Vocational Training

  • Our Thrift Store serves as a vocational training ground and an outreach to the Whiteaker neighborhood. It is self sufficient and the profits funnel directly back into the needs of our kids.
  • We also have an incredible partnership with Imagination International that provides real-world work experience to our kids weekly. 


We are able to offer a safe, stable and empowering environment where the kids that we serve can have a real shot at building a life away from the streets. 

Knowing where you will sleep, where your next meal is coming from, being cared for and invested in provides opportunity to build a foundation for long term success and healing. The youth that live in our houses are given a mentor, help finding employment, pursuing their educational goals, are plugged into church, Bible Study and         community and ultimately are being given hope and the ability to believe that they can have more! That they are worthy, of more! 

Call to Action

3 years ago I came to Hosea unsure of what we could really do to help these kids. Unsure of myself, of how to meet the need and unsure of what God could really do in the lives of these young people whose circumstances seemed impossible, hopeless and beyond our control.

I can stand before you now more sure than I’ve ever been of what God is capable of, what these kids are capable of and what this community is capable of.

Relationship, the power of showing up, of being who you say you are and of doing what you say you’re going to do. These things have changed the face of Hosea and been the foundational elements that have made a way for the 73 kids we’ve helped in the past year and a half to create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets.

But the reality my friends, is that there is still much to do. There are still more kids out there, right now as we speak. Kids under bridges, being pimped out, shot up, being taken advantage of. There are kids literally, right now- as we speak having their innocence stripped away and their hopes shattered of ever having a better life or even a life at all.

That’s where you come in! You can help make a way for these kids by supporting Hosea boldly through your time, resources and energy. We all have something different we can offer to aid in the effort of eradicating youth homelessness in our city. We all have a part to play and the question I have for you is what will be yours?

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