“Unless the LORD builds the house, those who build it labor in vain.” ~Psalm 127:1

Since I began working at Hosea in March, I’ve seen and been a part of a great season of building at Hosea. Whether at the Drop-In or with our Vocational Placement Program, I have truly seen the Lord at work.

The way He has led and how we are working to love and serve the youth that we encounter has been incredible and reassuring that He is in fact building the house that is Hosea Youth Services. From the youth that He has brought through our doors, to the amazing volunteers who show up ready to pour into the youth, to the staff and their tireless work efforts to continue to press on in developing new avenues and improving on old ones that will serve the youth in helping them flourish beyond the streets, He is building.

During the past couple months of working directly on the job with some of the youth in the Vocational Placement Program, I have seen the benefits of steady work and growth in many of the youth int he program. As they began to take ownership of the tasks given and worked hard to complete them it was great to see them breaking through barriers that they had placed on themselves and see that they can do more than they even thought capable.

We were able to work together and push out of comfort zones, have conversations that did the same and consider the finished and perfect work of Jesus on the cross—all within the context of our work days. The Lord is building.

As we are moving into the Fall season of the Vocational Placement Program, I am excited for more opportunities to build with all those who are a part of the Hosea Family, especially the youth, as we press on towards the upward call of God in Christ Jesus.


Ryan Arel, Vocational Placement Director

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