One of my most rewarding experiences at Hosea has been collaborating with like-minded community members and service providers. For the past year and half, I’ve had the privilege of working on the Youth House (formerly the HYS/SVDP Youth Home) with a collaborative team of project partners, service providers, and volunteers who all want the same thing: an all encompassing home where young women can dream about and plan for their life, away from the streets.

And I truly believe that we’ve been far more effective as a group than we would have ever been as isolated agencies or efforts.

Working so extensively with so many other agencies hasn’t been without its challenges but has been extremely rewarding and has created something far better than we could have ever done alone. Despite the roadblocks we may have faced, we are now mere days away from opening the Youth Home’s application process. What a journey it’s been!

By now, I’m sure that everyone has heard all about the Youth Home, so I don’t want to rehash old details. Instead, I really wanted to take this blog post to say how excited I am to move into this next phase with the Youth Home. And to thank each agency, organization, and person who has been a part of this home.

Young ladies will be living in the home by the end of the month and it’s because of the community’s support.

If you’ve supported the home in any way—directly, monetarily, with your time, advocating, etc. — thank you. It’s because of your support we’ve been able to accomplish the development of this Youth House.

As young women begin to move in and program elements take off, future blog posts will focus on the events of the Youth Home. This one, however, is to say thank you.


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