I often find myself wishing for a simple solution. A simple and easy solution to help all youth transition off of the street. Working with at-risk and homeless youth over the past — almost — 5 years has been an incredible and very unique experience. There has been so much joy, lots of tears, and many prayers.

My relationship with Jesus has been ever changing and ever growing since I began here but especially in the last few months. Why? Simple, because I have been in the word daily. This past September my husband and I began The Bible Project at our church, University Fellowship Church. Where you read the bible in under a year. The unique part about this project is that they create a space for questions to be asked and for a pastor to speak into the books or chapters you have read over the past week.

God has continued to be faithful and reveal’s more of His story daily. An incredible life perspective has began to take shape in me. There have been a lot of questions — some answered, some unanswered — causing me to (on an extremely basic level) begin to understand the real meaning of the word so often thrown around in a nonchalant way, faith.

Sometimes there isn’t a simple or easy solution to things in life yet God continues to work out His mission in this ministry of Hosea. We have been able to do some incredible things to get at the prevention of homelessness. One being the new SVDP/HYS youth home that will be opening up for girls 16-18 this February with the hope of duplicating this housing program and structure for multiple girls homes as well as boys. Being a part of the 15th Night Initiative has also been amazing to see a city come together to combat youth homelessness. As I sat in the last 15th night meeting surrounded by so many agencies and organizations within Lane County it gave me chills.

An entire community filled with people who recognize that youth homelessness is not okay and that something needs to be done. It is such an honor to be sitting in that room as one of the Hosea representatives. The networking and collaboration that takes place is nothing short of awesome! God is on the move.

Lane County is a special place. I look forward to the next 5 years and all the joy, tears, and prayers that will come with it.


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