Many of you may know Makayla from volunteering here at Hosea or with Looking Glass. You may also recognize the photo above and the beautiful face from our Hosea Auction last year. We have had the privilege of walking with Makayla over the last three years.

Last year at this time Makayla was working three jobs, in and out of GED classes, in temporary housing, a part of the Youth Advocate Council for 15th Night, and attending Hosea as often as she could to help volunteer. Now Makayla is working one job with Imagination International, in permanent housing, and wait for it.. now has her GED!! As of today (March 27th) this girl took her very last test and is now forever done with High School. Thanks so much to, New Rhodes school for offering GED services and supporting Makayla over the past years in obtaining her GED.

We are beyond excited for Makayla and this next part of her life! We have watched her persevere through school while trying to work three jobs and being homeless, sometimes these were happening at the same time. Either of those things by themselves makes it extremely difficult to continue with school. You can watch her

When your most basic needs in life are not being met how then is anyone expected to look beyond meeting their most immediate needs: food, water, shelter, safety, etc.? Makayla has inspired me in my own life and touches everyone’s heart that she encounters. Whether that be staff, volunteers, or fellow youth. She is a beacon of light, a kind face to all, a truly pure heart, deeply cares and is passionate about people, animals, cooking, and medicine.

Makayla plans on continuing on to college to become a labor and delivery nurse and would love to be involved with geriatrics. All things we know she will excel in. We look forward to continuing to support, pray for, and love Makayla in her future endeavors. Celebrate with us as we rejoice with Makayla and her hard work!

She is one amazing young woman.

Makayla, you are so very loved. God is good.

~ Karri Tinnes, HYS Assistant Director

Watch the video below to meet Makayla and hear her story.

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