With the auction quickly approaching in May, we have been working on compiling youth stories to be shared as a focal point for the auction. It is a neat way to display the stories behind the faces of the youth we serve at Hosea. We get to do life with and interact with each of these incredible and unique youth through Hosea and all of the programs and services that we offer. Thank you to each of you for being a part of that.

After sitting down with a few of the youth and talking with them about their stories, I’ve heard similar accounts about Hosea and the impact that the people who faithfully give their time and effort to these youth have had and are having on their lives. Hearing youth speak about the influence that mentors, volunteers, and staff have had in their lives has been encouraging. Youth have been supported and helped in their addiction and desperation for hope by each of you. All in an effort to help them transition into a place of success and health. It’s awe inspiring and incredible.

For youth to feel safe, loved, and genuinely cared for is something that we take very seriously at Hosea. We know that many of the youth are used to simply being seen as just another face in the crowd of homelessness here in Lane County. For the community to take time to engage youth and listen with a genuine desire to hear and do life together is something that I believe makes Hosea Hosea.

It’s always sweet to be reminded that our lives are not about us. Not about our happiness, not about our comfort, but that we were created for something so much greater. To love others in light of eternity and give ourselves to the cause of Christ, loving the LORD and our neighbor. For the youth who I have had the chance to sit with and hear from, that is exactly what they have encountered. People who have selflessly sought to meet them where they were and are at and walk alongside them with grace and sacrificial love.

Everything that we do at Hosea is to help the youth we serve create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets. Hearing the stories of youth who have experienced that mission first hand is beautiful. We are so thankful for the dedication and support of so many in our community, we couldn’t do it without you, thank you.

If you are interested in supporting or attending our auction the big day is Wednesday, May 9th. Individual tickets will go on sale in April. Please contact Karri Tinnes at karri.tinnes@hoseayouth.org for more information. We would love to have you there.


Ryan Arel

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