“Just prior to my retiring five years ago, Mike Lazar asked if I would be interested in volunteering at the thrift store.  I told him I would think about it. He had me meet for coffee with Ken Harvey and Ken persuaded me to come on board.  First he asked me to do a study for the thrift store to see how it stacked up against other like stores in the market.  After that I was part of the team at the thrift store on a regular basis.  I was later asked to attend an auction committee meeting to see if I would be interested in that phase of Hosea.  I just completed my fifth auction with the committee.  I was asked to mentor a young man and found that to be very rewarding.  The young man is, today, married with a child and a full time job.  I came to Hosea knowing nothing about what they do in the community.  I now know they are an integral part of the solution to at risk youngsters in the area.  The staff of young people: Karri, Tauna, Dave and the rest are very passionate about what they are doing and it has been a pleasure getting to know them and to watch their work with the young people in the program.”

~Jim Monfredini, HYS Volunteer

Thanks Jim for all you have done for us at Thrift Store! Jim at one point dedicated to a shift every Tuesday and Thursday. His help has been and continues to be greatly appreciated, so when he came to me shortly after I became manager here and asked if he could start working his way out as a volunteer I was happy that he had already donated so much time and did my best to find other volunteers to take his place. With that being said, it took longer than expected and he generously continued to work for us many months later. And to this day Jim still comes in and helps when needed.

I am so grateful to him and all of our volunteers! Without you we would not be here. We are volunteer run! So please If you or anyone you might know would like to volunteer with us please click here.

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