Without a consistent job, creating and sustaining a healthy life away from the streets is next to impossible for the youth we serve. The Vocational Placement Program is one of Hosea’s main programs through which we are working to accomplish our mission at Hosea and meet this need. It provides youth with work experience and opportunities geared towards long term job placement.

Within the VPP, the emphasis is constantly being placed on long term employment and ultimately a life away from the streets. We believe that the necessary job skills, knowledge, and opportunities combined with the proper motivation, each youth can succeed in securing long term job placement and, ultimately, a healthy and sustainable life away from the streets. Because of this, we are always working to get more youth to be a part of the VPP and in a place to access all that the program has to offer.

Between the time spent working alongside the youth at Hosea within the VPP and interacting with them during the Drop-In Center hours, we are constantly working to encourage and empower the youth we get the pleasure of serving knowing that the only long term placement that truly matters is an eternity with our Heavenly Father. Because of that, we are continually presenting the Gospel message of redemption along with purpose and meaning trusting that it is Jesus Christ and Him alone that has the power to change hearts and lives.

We know that for most if not all of the youth, the journey towards achieving the life they want is a difficult process and we consider it an honor to get to play a part in helping them achieve their goal of a life away from the streets.

If you’d like to know more about the Vocational Placement Program or would like to help provide work opportunities for the youth in the VPP, please contact me at ryanarel.hys@gmail.com .

Ryan Arel

*(romans 1:16, 3:21-26; Colossians 2:13-15;Genesis 1: 26-28)

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