After being brought on staff in the end of October, I have had the blessing of helping at the Drop-in Center twice a week. My first glimpse of life at the Drop-in Center was the Halloween Party and I remember feeling so nervous to talk to the youth. I was afraid that I would say the wrong thing or that they would think I was really weird. I am sure some of them did think I was weird and maybe even still do. That is okay though because I have learned that even through the awkwardness, God reveals beautiful moments.

One moment I will be sure to always remember is an interaction I had a couple months back with one of the young women at the Drop-in Center. When she walked in I greeted her with a hello and learned very quickly she was carrying the weight of a very rough week. When I asked her how she was doing, she told me she had a toothache and she was not able to see a dentist. I instantly thought, I should check if she has OHP. As I went to talk to her at dinner she responded with, “this is the reality I have to live every day, I don’t need to be reminded of it and I just want to eat my food alone.” This young woman taught me that we all need to be reminded of the light. There is definitely a time and place for processing the difficult times but we are also in desperate need of God’s light to carry us through life. Sometimes we need to be reminded of how to dream again and so do the young men and women that walk through the doors at Hosea.

It has been so amazing to see how many people from the community have come together to make the SVDP/Hosea Youth Home a reality. It is so humbling as I think about the many people God has brought together to bless the young women who will soon move into the home. I hope and pray that this home will be a space for girls to dream, to set goals, to have fun, and to experience a light that so beautifully radiates from the people God has placed into their lives.



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