This past week, I got my own set of keys to the Youth House. As I let myself in for the first time and stood alone in what used to be the sanctuary of a church, it hit me how special this place was. It just feels so much like a home. Comfortable couches are arranged in the bright, open space of the common room, cheerful pillows and art dot the room, the kitchen is centered around a large island with red stools pulled up to it. It wasn’t hard to picture girls gathered around in the kitchen making their lunches for school the next day, or curled up for movie night on the couch.

It’s striking to think how important keys are in our life. Anyone who has ever locked their keys in their car or lost their house keys knows what I’m talking about. It’s such a small object, but so necessary to accomplish or gain access to different places. As I stood there with the small gold key in my hand, I started to think about all of the things in my life that act as a key to other opportunities. A place to sleep, food to eat, supportive friends, family, and good education have all made it possible for me to open doors in my life I wouldn’t otherwise have access to. The girls who are moving in very shortly might never have had these opportunities. Giving them a physical key to the house will open more doors than just the one to their apartment.

As the managers of the day to day goings-on, we at Hosea will work hard to set the residents up for a life after they leave the home as independent adults, free from the streets. We recognize that there are certain skills such as healthy relationship building, good study habits, how to make a good resume, etc. that are very beneficial. These basic proficiencies will function a lot like keys as well, giving them an opportunity where they previously may have had nothing. However, we believe that the most important key we can give these 13 young women will be the exposure to the truth of the gospel. We can do our best to make sure that their physical needs are taken care of, but true healing and redemption will only come from Jesus. Nothing can compare to that key.



Residential Program Manager

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