It’s almost time! For the past year, all of us at Hosea have been working diligently to plan and develop a housing program for young women between the ages of 16 and 18 who are homeless or at-risk. In mid January—January 15th, to be exact—the home’s grand opening will take place. Afterwards, we’ll have a couple weeks to furnish the home and young women can officially begin to move in during the first week of February.

My primary role with Hosea has been to oversee the home’s program development and I can’t stress enough how thankful I’ve been to have so many community members interested in the home. We have been met with a wealth of community members who want to donate their time, money, and expertise, and because of it, we’ll be able to offer the young women in the home a well-rounded and highly supported program.

On the subject of the home’s program, if you haven’t already read about the aim of the house’s program, the details are as follows. The program itself has been molded after an Independent Living Program and as such, everything we’ll do in the home will revolve around the idea of equipping residents for independence as adults. Direction Service, Inc. has offered to provide case-management and Wraparound services for the residents in the home and will help all residents create a plan to become self-dependent through education, work, and community building.

We are extremely excited to be just weeks away from opening. In early February, we’ll open our doors to begin allowing residents to move in and we can’t wait to see how this house and program can provide for these young women. Additionally, we’re excited to see how the community continues to support the home and its program.

Best wishes and merry Christmas!


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