Change is hard. Too often we don’t like change. We run from it because of the growing pains that come along with it. It can be very uncomfortable, foreign, and confusing. But while there might be unknowns for a short time, it provides a cool opportunity for us to refocus and see the Lord at work in new ways.

Right now within Hosea there is a lot of change happening. This last month as staff we got to come together and really look at what we are doing as an agency. We looked at our mission statement and decided to make some changes.

Our mission at Hosea is to serve Lane County homeless and at-risk youth by helping them create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets. To be of service to the young people who come through our doors we believe that we have to offer two pivotal programs in order to help create those lives away from the streets: vocational placement and housing. Beginning this summer, June 20, we are introducing our new Vocational Placement Program (VPP). The Summer VPP consists of two different tracks: Summer Intensive and Vocational Placement. All youth are welcome to fill out an application for the two different tracks. In order to apply and meet the requirements for the Vocational Placement track a youth must be currently employed or working (i.e. Imagination International or other outside jobs). The Summer Intensive track does not have any pre-qualifying requirements. Those involved in the Summer Intensive and Vocational Placement will have full access (i.e. laundry, showers, meals, lockers) to the Drop-In Center three days a week from 4:30-6:30pm. For those youth who are not a part of either track, the Drop-In Center will only be open one day a week, Thursday’s 4:30pm-6:30pm, until September.

All youth are encouraged and welcome to apply for the Summer Intensive Track. Youth involved in this program will attend day and over-night trips to places like South Sister, Crater Lake and Rafting on the McKenzie River. For non-trip days, youth will be involved with work service projects and will earn a small stipend at the end of each month. In order to receive the stipend all work service projects and trips must be attended.

All youth who are currently employed apply for the Vocational Placement Track. We want to be sure we are supporting and meeting the most basic needs of youth involved in this track. Youth who are employed and a part of this track will be allowed access to the Drop-In Center resources three days a week: showers, laundry, clothes, lockers, meals. Youth involved in this track can choose to plan a fun once a month getaway and day trip together dependent on schedules.

Our goal is that by having these programs we will be one step closer to helping our youth create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets. I believe that the Lord is going to work through the change and it will provide even more opportunities for our youth to see that they are worthy and loved.

~JJ Halemeier, Human Resources Director

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