It is amazing to us how generous our community is that we live in. So many people desire to be a part of these kids’ lives and help in some simple way. The simplest of desires to help these kids out usually turns into the greatest blessings. God is so good and He always has something up His sleeve to bless the socks off of these kids.

Ever heard of Copic Markers? If not, you have to look into them! A business in the community, Imagination International Incorporated, reached out to Hosea a few weeks ago wanting to partner with our youth to provide jobs. They wanted to extend an offer to four of our youth to come in and work for their company. WHAT! A business sought out our kids, to work. That is insane! We have been looking for different avenues for our girls to serve in to gain job experience and this was an answer to prayer.

We get to go in twice a week for three hours and help refill, clean, sort, and repair Copic markers. These markers have hundreds or colors that are vibrant and smooth. They are non-toxic, permanent, and refillable! We weigh and test each Copic marker to be sure that it is in tip-top shape. If they are under weight we refill the marker with its corresponding ink color and clean them.

The first day we brought our kids in we were welcomed with open arms and treated as one of the crew. We got the full tour of the warehouse, met all the employees, and were able to go into every department and check out what goes on behind the scenes of Imagination International. I don’t know if they fully know how much they are doing for our kids and how important they have made us feel. Our kids are excited to go to work and ask if we can go every day! They are treated with respect and the expectations for our kids is the same for any person on the job site. Knowing the circumstances of our youth are different than others they even provide our kids with lunch and awesome shirts to work in.

We get to sit around the table and work together at this place that allows the imagination to flow freely. Our youth get to work diligently and dream about their future in a safe place that allows them to be vulnerable about their life and what’s going on. It also gives us the opportunity to get the ball rolling on how we can achieve their goals and dreams. What the steps are to getting them there and what we can do right now to make them come true! We serve a gracious God that loves to provide for His children.

A huge thank you to Imagination International for helping change these kids lives!


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