Imagination International Inc. is a local company that manufactures and distributes art supplies–mainly high end markers–to artists. They are a tremendous presence for good in the community here in Eugene as well as beyond the Lane County area. Though they are known largely for the products they produce, within the Vocational Placement Program (VPP) at Hosea, they are a great conduit of opportunity for the youth who are involved with the VPP.

Imagination International has been a partner of ours for some time now, and over that span they have partnered with us in providing work opportunities and job skills for the youth in the VPP. Currently they provide 4 of our youth, though they have worked with many more, with part time work in their warehouse cleaning and prepping markers for distribution. All the while teaching necessary skills like communication, time management, and team work. They have played a huge part in being a launching pad that has aided us in helping a number of youth go from unemployed and homeless to working full time and in housing. In short, the work they are doing with and for homeless youth in Lane Co. is allowing those youth to create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets.

We know that it takes a community working together to make a difference in the lives of the youth we serve and each person has a unique role to play. We are so very thankful for Imagination International and their constant efforts in helping us to serve and love the homeless youth that we have the honor of crossing paths with here in Lane County, and we look forward to seeing what the future holds for our partnership with them.

If you’d like to know more about the Vocational Placement Program or would like to help provide work opportunities for the youth in the VPP, please contact me at

Ryan Arel

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