Many people that volunteer or work with Hosea know that interns play a huge role in our mission. This year one of our focuses is an Internship Manual for each college in the Eugene area; New Hope, the University of Oregon, Northwest Christian University and Lane Community College. Two of our staff members — myself and J.J. Halemeier — came from an internship with Hosea. We recognize how important interns are to helping Hosea fulfill and maintain its mission to serve Lane County homeless and at-risk youth and to help them create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets.

Not only are our interns incredible at getting things done and showing up consistently, but they are in the lives of the youth that we serve faithfully. The love they have for these youth is what drives them — and many of us — to do what they do. These interns build relationships with our youth with the utmost excellence and intentionality.

Currently we have five interns and four of the five have been with us for not only their senior projects but also during their junior year. Here are some of the projects that they are getting done through their senior projects:

  • Planning and helping implement all of our community outings that are a part of our Life Discovery Program
  • Building out a program for our youth volunteers
  • Building out and planning our auction videos, save the dates, invitations, a slide show for the guests at the auction to watch as they walk in, and finding and providing photographers for the day of the auction
  • Creating and building out a public health plan for our Drop-In Center that includes a community medical calendar of where youth can access services and for medical professionals so they are able to give their time at the Drop-In Center
  • Organizing and helping create curriculum for our job readiness program
  • Creating a flyer to reach hair professionals for our haircut station while improving the space we already have
  • Helping build out our kitchen and improving our record keeping
  • Building out a birthday calendar and gifts for each youth’s birthday

And let me tell you, the list does not stop there!

Our interns are also a part of our staff meetings once a month and attend a bi-weekly project management course that ends December 2nd. Needless to say I am unbelievably encouraged by and excited for our interns!

Hosea cannot thank them enough for their service (past interns and present) and commitment to Hosea and the youth we serve!

~Karri Tinnes, Operations Director

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