It’s not that I didn’t believe everyone when they told me how much support and excitement there was for the Youth House, it’s just that I didn’t understand it until the grand opening this last week. I started to get a clue as I pulled up to the renovated church and realized the closest parking spot was about 4 blocks away. Then, it sunk in even more when I realized I was going to have to shoulder my way through the door if I wanted to even stand inside the building. The house was packed from bow to stern with community members, mayors, superintendents, people wanting to volunteer, people wanting to mentor, and everyone wanting to gather around and support the youth who will soon live in the home.

As I squeezed by several people, I caught the eye of one of my coworkers across the room and gave him one of those wide-eyed, “Man, you weren’t kidding” looks. As I finally got inside, and the shock settled, I realized I was standing shoulder to shoulder with believers and non-believers alike, all rallied around a common cause. It was a unique experience, at least for me, to see so much cooperation between so many different people.

I won’t lie, I got a little misty-eyed as I listened to the dedication and vision of the people who spoke. To feel the care and love that has been poured into this project and will continue to be poured into it, gave me an overwhelming sense of hope and purpose. It also served as a great reminder about how special it is that so many organizations partnered together to make this possible. This wasn’t the effort of one entity by itself, but is the collective vision of many people, willing to work together towards a common goal. It’s not hard to see how the Lord has been moving in this project and how powerfully He has brought people together for a single purpose.

As we move forward, I’ll ask for your prayers. Pray for the young women who will live here. Pray for the volunteers, mentors, teachers, interns, staff, and partners who will be part of this. Pray for our team and the many different organizations who are involved in this project. Every piece of it needs the guidance and wisdom that will come from the Lord. In Timothy Keller’s book, Prayer he writes, “To pray is to accept that we are, and always will be, wholly dependent on God for everything.” I feel that statement more than ever as we open our doors in just a few short weeks.


Megan Hooley

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