We continue to be amazed by the support of the community and the individuals and business that call this place home. Over the course of the last three years we have partnered with local businesses and restaurants for, A Night For A Cause. You have probably seen a plethora of emails, Facebook posts, as well as blog posts — probably from me — in regards to these nights.

It started off just as a fun summer fundraiser but slowly caught fire and has now ignited into a twice a month ordeal. We have partnered with over twenty different local restaurants and businesses to make these nights happen. The generosity and investment into the lives of the homeless and at-risk youth in this community is overwhelming.

Not only that but we have had immense support from individuals and small groups. So much so that we were booked out two months for Saturday Deep Cleans. As there has been so many churches and small groups wanting to do service projects in their community. We love what deep cleans do not only for the physical space of the drop-in but also for the youth that access our services. We want our drop-in to be in excellent shape and cleanliness for our youth, and sometimes it can be hard to stay on top of our game. We receive so many wonderful donations from you all that we sometimes have to play catch up. When youth walk in and they see the drop-in spic and span and in tip-top shape we know it makes them feel extremely loved and valued.

Think about the way it makes you feel when you visit someone and they have prepared a room for you. Maybe how Will felt on Fresh Prince when he first came to his Aunt and Uncle’s in Bel Air. You walk in and see that there are fresh sheets and pillows, vacuumed floors, and remnants of the [insert your favorite cleaner smell] they used. And there is a clean towel and wash cloth folded nicely for you at the end of your bed. I don’t know, but for me that screams, “You are valued and you matter”.

Even if youth don’t say it out loud you can see it on their faces when they walk in and see the place. Call me a sap but that always gets me choked up. Something so simple. And so meaningful.

Thank you to the groups who volunteer their time to do that monthly or even yearly. And thank you, so much, to those who choose to do that on a daily and weekly basis.

Our drop-in volunteers work extremely hard — every day that we are open — to make our drop-in excellent. Thank you to each of you who volunteer your hearts and your hands.

Maybe “clean” isn’t your love language but I think we can all agree that acts of service sure make a person feel loved and known. And keeping a clean space for those we love — the youth we serve — is an act of service from everyone who helps make our drop-in run.

Thank you for helping create a space that acts as a hub for all things. As we invite youth into creating and sustaining healthy lives away from the streets.

We pray that through these small acts youth may come to know the Father’s Love in a big way.


Karri Tinnes

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