The New Year.

Here we are. Almost 2018! It is amazing how fast each year goes. It would seem that time continues to speed up every year. Especially now with a little one running around. You blink and they are 18 — or so I hear. I’ll let you know when we get there. I currently am having a hard time believing he will be two in a couple of months.

Every year after our Hosea auction is over it feels like we have all the time in the world until our next event and then I blink and it’s November. I always think, “It can’t already be auction planning season yet.. can it?”.

Four years ago that may not have been such a joyous thing for me. When I first started with the auction I had no idea what an auction was other than someone speaking insanely fast and in what seemed to be another language. I had no idea people actually went to school to become an auctioneer. How awesome is that! Needless to say the learning curve was steep.

Fast-forward to now and each time auction season rolls around I get really excited. Creating youth stories, sharing faces behind Hosea youth, videos, experiencing an unbelievable amount of generosity from people, seeing 400 attendees fill a room who all care about helping homeless and at-risk youth create and sustain healthy lives away from the streets has now become an extreme privilege to even say I get to be a part of it all.

Here we are again five months away. As we begin to gear up even more — after this Holiday season — be on the look out for our Save The Date in your mailbox. We are very excited for all the happenings at Hosea and in partnership with the community. The auction is another way for us to partner with our community and we would love to have you attend this year’s 13th annual. It is always a good time. Something important to us has always been peoples time. We always want to respect the time and energy that people put into making the auction happen, especially the night of the event.

Please come out and join us at our event Wednesday, May 9th at 5:30pm. I know the next five months will be filled with auctions, fundraisers, and events. All supporting great organizations and missions. Thank you in advance for all of your commitment not only to helping eradicate youth homelessness but also to bettering Lane County as a whole as you attend each event.

Thank you,

Karri Tinnes
Operations Director

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