For the last couple months, every time I sit down to write a blog it ends up being about Fall. If you haven’t guessed by now, the Fall season is one of my favorites. It has been such a fun time personally in my life with my husband, son and new pup. Crunching leaves, cozy wood stove fires (that’s the only form of heat in the Tinnes household), the excitement for Tucker as he experiences pumpkins for the first time, and long talks at night about our Bible 316 class and the things God has been teaching us.

Recently I wrote about my excitement for Fall because of the upcoming Hosea newsletter. I can’t believe it, but the time has come! We have collected stories, awesome pictures and graphics to share with you—the community—about what Hosea has been up to over the last year.

I am constantly reminded of God’s goodness. As we began to collect content and reflect on the past year we’ve become so excited to share what He has been doing through the ministry of Hosea. My favorite parts of the newsletter are the volunteer and youth stories. Without the support and service of volunteers, Hosea wouldn’t be here. Not only those who volunteer their time with Hosea and to serve these youth but also those who volunteer their time through prayer, financial support, attending events, reading our blogs, vocationally, etc…we couldn’t do it without you.

Second, the youth story or youth highlight is a simple way for us to create a platform for youth to speak. Hearing some of their goals and aspirations and being able to share that with their community is so sweet. Thank you in advance for taking the time to read our youth story from Matt and our volunteer story from our amazing Lisa!

We are grateful for our continued collaboration in various programs with Imagination International Inc., SVDP, NEDCO, FFLC, Direction Service Inc., Oregon Construction Guys, Webfoot and so many more for helping partner with us to serve the at-risk and homeless youth of Lane County with excellence. The newsletter allows us to highlight just a few of those partnerships, but is always such a great reminder of the incredible community we live in.

Be on the look out for the newsletter in your mailbox in the next 2 weeks. You won’t want to miss it! With that I hope you all are out stomping leaves and finding time to spend with the people you love.


Karri Tinnes
Operations Director

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