This week’s blog post will be dedicated to you, volunteer, mentor, intern, donor, supporter.

This past week Hosea was one of the vendors at a Family and Human Services (FHS) Intern fair at the University of Oregon. If you don’t know, Hosea is a partner with the FHS Intern program and we have quite a few students come to the drop in center on a regular basis to help out. These internships give undergraduates valuable experience in the community and help expose them to what working with different populations will be like.

I might be a little biased, but I think our interns are the best. Three nights a week, they come with happy hearts and willing hands to serve at the drop in center. They organize the resource room, assist with vocational placements, chat with the youth, and generally just be available. It isn’t often that you get to see such enthusiasm and joy for serving others as these hard working students have.

At the fair last week, a few of our senior interns stopped by and helped us set up. I was genuinely impressed by the way they handled themselves and their enthusiasm for what they do. I found myself taking talking points from the way they described some of our programming. What they emphasized most was how relational and caring Hosea’s approach is. What I hope they understand is their joyful and enthusiastic attitude has perpetuated that approach and really made it thrive.

It’s not just the interns who continue to impress me either. Since joining Hosea, I’ve been floored by the huge amount of volunteer support the organization recieves. Just like the interns, these volunteers are absolutely stellar at what they do and are so genuinely pleased to be serving youth who are in need. From mentors to meal groups, clothing donors to teachers, it’s amazing what a community can do when they gather around a common cause.

At Hosea we will continue to work hard to make the atmosphere and philosophy as relational as possible. Just know that you are a huge part of what makes us successful. We are driven, motivated, and rejuvenated by your support and your vision to help us move forward. That type of attitude is infectious, and we consistently try to instill that sense of steadfast hope and love into all of the youth we serve.

Thank you,

Megan Hooley
Residential Program Manager

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