Each night at Hosea looks different. Whether it’s busy or slow the atmosphere is always changing. But more importantly it is amazing to see how God’s presence and grace is shown each night at Hosea.

My name is Haley and I am senior intern currently at Hosea. When I come each Monday, Wednesday and Thursday I have the pleasure of taking pictures. Pictures help give a glimpse into what goes on in the drop-in. The moments captured in the pictures have been nothing short of sweet. The faces in these pictures of youth help show what it is all about when we open the doors. In the pictures you always try to find someone or something new so it’s not repetitive but sometimes the same faces end up in different pictures. Comparing to the ones I started taking in September to the ones now it is amazing to see the progression some of the youth have made from then to now. Through the pictures I have been able to see relationships formed between youth and their peers and between youth and volunteers. Seeing God at work with His people forging connection is so special. He is so evident within the volunteers that come and pour into our youth at the drop-in. To know God has planned these interactions and designed these relationships makes it all the more special.

The smiles and happiness within these photos can often be felt through the screen. There are sometimes similar pictures being taken but the stories behind them are always different. For instance, taking pictures of our meals groups that come and serve dinner. We have monthly groups that come down and serve a meal and all together to see the different smiling faces that come pour into our youth by making them dinner as been such an awesome experience. They come and serve and want to know our youth. To see God’s servants at work taking time out of their schedules to come to Hosea and serve His people is truly amazing.

I’ve been able to capture moments of joy and friendship, donations that have been given to help provide for our youth, often what I am trying to capture in those photos is the giving nature of the community. The will to provide for the needs of the homeless and at-risk youth that Hosea serves.

I feel so lucky that I have been able to take these pictures but more importantly getting to know the faces behind the pictures. Being able to catch God’s hands at work has been so special. I have enjoyed my time at Hosea more than I ever thought possible and I look forward to the months ahead and the pictures captured.


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