My first glimpse of Hosea was at the Drop-in Center for the Halloween Party. I walked in with my fiance Josh, both hopeful that we could strike up meaningful conversations. We learned very quickly that forming relationships was not going to be that easy. Trust takes time to build and sometimes, it requires more patience than one would think.

As we left the Drop-in Center that night, I felt overwhelmed and nervous. I walked towards what I thought was the exit and nearly ran into one of the youth. Our eyes locked in that moment and I was terrified. I awkwardly put out my hand and said, “Hi, I’m Angela.” In response I received what looked like a death glare; silence filled the air as panicked thoughts filled my mind. I smiled and said, “it was nice meeting you, I hope to see you next week!” I walked away feeling so embarrassed and thinking to myself “gee, she must think I am so weird.”

Since then, it has taken many interactions with this young woman for her to warm up to me. A few weeks ago, she actually smiled at me during one of our conversations. It has taken 6 months to get to this point and honestly, we are still at the baby step phase. Slowly but surely, the walls she once held up are beginning to fall; allowing me to earn her trust. This has taken
greeting her by her name, genuinely asking how she is doing, and loving her in spite of her tendencies to push me away. I will not give up on this young woman and I am so thankful for the little interactions here and there that allow me to see a bit deeper into her heart.

As I type this story on paper, I am reminded that the walls our team fights to break down at the Drop-in are small glimpses of the walls God fights for us to trust Him. I am amazed and humbled by His patience. He never gives up. He meets us in our moments of weakness and in our attempts take the reigns of our lives. We are so blessed and so very cherished. When we drift from His arms, He is there to embrace us.

I hope and pray that these young men and women will be able to experience a bit of God’s love through our efforts to know and care for them. Many of the youth at Hosea have had people break their trust multiple times and it is our privilege to earn their trust.

It is an honor to see the beauty in each individual that walks through our doors. Jesus is rooting for them and we are too.

In His Love,

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