This past week as I sifted through photos from the last three years at Hosea to begin creating a booklet I came across many incredible memories.

The first Hosea Kid Christmas, our first trip to YoungLife Camp, our first year of the Life Discovery Program, old faces of youth that we have since said goodbye to, past volunteers, the first rafting trip with kids, our first volunteer appreciation night and so on. It brought joy to my heart and tears to my eyes.

The beautiful thing about the past are the memories that come with it. The laughter as you think back on what that photo captured. The things people were saying, how hard it was to actually get the photo taken. I can often get stuck in the mindset of the past. The, “Well we’ve always done it this way” or the “I remember when..”. I realize it paralyzes my mind from dreaming for the future. The past (to me) means opportunities for new beginnings and learning.

I think of all the things that are a product of Hosea’s past. New water heaters, meal groups, housing programs, an improved Life Discovery Program, one-on-one mentors, hundreds of new volunteers, more interns, more staff, new paint on our walls, different faces of youth, more job opportunities for our young people, more partnerships.

We grow from the experiences we have had in the past and it gives us the opportunity to improve our ministry. From the past comes wisdom for the present or the future. We can reflect on mistakes and hardships and celebrate things done well,  and are then able to continue to grow Hosea for God’s Kingdom and for His purpose.

I thank everyone who has been part of Hosea’s past and everyone who is part of Hosea now. And just for fun I thought I would share some of the epic pictures from the past that hold such special places in my heart.

With Love,

Karri Tinnes, Operations Director

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