To all our volunteers on behalf of Hosea I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you! Without you we wouldn’t be able to do what we do. You are the hands and feet of our agency and everything you do doesn’t go unnoticed.

To the volunteer…

…who cleans up after our youth that leaves a huge mess. Thank you!

…that gives up a Saturday to deep clean our Drop-In Center. Thank you!

…who helps us sort donations. Thank you!

…that sits and listens to our youth talk about their day. Thank you!

…that takes a youth to an appointment because they have no way to get there. Thank you!

…who checks youth into our shower and laundry list. Thank you!

…that helps youth get their needs met in the resource room. Thank you!

…who comes in to clean dishes. Thank you!

…who cooks (seriously) the best meals. Thank you!

…who helps serve meals. Thank you!

…that brings in yummy treats weekly. Thank you!

…who comes in weekly to help teach our Life Discovery Program classes. Thank you.

…that takes the trash out at the end of the day. Thank you!

…who cleans the bathrooms. Thank you!

…who does house laundry. Thank you!

…who helps check youth in. Thank you!

…who stayed past their set hours because they knew the importance of a conversation with a youth. Thank You!

…that wipes down tables after youth eat. Thank you!

…who invites a youth to play a game of pool with them. Thank you!

…that gives hair cuts weekly. Thank you!

…that comes in to help us fix broken items. Thank you!

…who comes in to get our wifi fixed. Thank you!

…that mentors some of our youth. Thank you!

…that helps with our annual auction. Thank you!

…that serves on our board. Thank you!

…that gives a youth shoes off their own feet. Thank you!

…who donates resources that we are low on. Thank you!

…who supports our mission finically. Thank you!

…that helps with community outings. Thank you!

If you have ever been into our Drop-In Center during hours of operation you would see many different faces serving our youth. From the kitchen to the resources room and every space in-between our volunteers aim to meet each youth where they are at.

Everything about this is beautiful. What makes this beautiful is deeper. It is beautiful because ultimately I see not only volunteers serving our youth but youth serving our volunteers. Through interactions views are widened causing preconceived notions to be left at the door. So many people come to serve but ultimately leave each day changed.

We recognize the importance of relationships at Hosea. We serve 25-40 youth in a night at our Drop-In Center, and as staff we know we wouldn’t be to do this without our volunteers. Countless times I have seen volunteers go out of their way to make sure our youth are served with the utmost excellency. Thank you! You are heroes!

~ JJ Halemeier, Director of Human Resources

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