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Young Ladies’ & Young Men’s Houses: TBD

This housing program will be available to youth ages 18 to 24. For youth 18 or older, education can be a primary focus of their housing, but this ultimately transitions into a need for stable employment. In this program, participants will be required to be enrolled in school or pursuing and obtaining employment. This house will provide accountability and support to residents as they pursue their requirements and goals.

SVDP/HYS Youth House: December 2017

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We have provided housing in a number of ways since Hosea began including overnight stays in area churches coordinated by Hosea staff and volunteers.

HYS has staffed and maintained a house for guys, then a house for gals. We have worked with local churches to provide shelter every night, and even housed young people at the Drop-In Center.

In recent years, we have provided shelter during the winter as a partner with the Egan Warming Center when the weather was below freezing and exposure or risk of freezing to death was greatest.

We’re Hiring!

Residential Program Manager

Hosea Youth Services and Saint Vincent de Paul Society of Lane County (SVDP) partnered together in 2016 to develop a youth home for homeless or at-risk girls who are between the ages of 16-18 and are attending high school in the Lane County area. SVDP is operating as the property manager and is responsible for the renovation and upkeep of the physical property. HYS has agreed to provide the day-to-day services that the house will need, which entails developing a daily structure and framework, as well as the provision of house staff.

For the home’s programming structure, HYS has developed an Independent Living Program, which is geared towards teaching the home’s residents how to be successful as an independent adult after they’ve graduated high school and left the house. HYS is looking to hire a female Residential Program Manager (RPM) to help oversee the daily implementation of this program. A complete overview of the RPM’s daily and monthly responsibilities can be viewed in the job description; however, a brief outline is as follows: schedule development and implementation, staff and residential training, and general oversight ensuring that program’s structure and classes are being successfully implemented and maintained.

We are asking that applicants who are serious about obtaining employment with HYS as the Residential Program Manager be willing to commit to a 2-year term. The RPM will live on-site in the home and will have their own apartment complex. Applicant should have ample training or experience in a residential setting, as well as working with homeless or at-risk youth. For a full breakdown of required skills and job description please contact our Human Resources Director, J.J. Halemeier.

If you are thinking about pursuing a career in ministry or street-related human service work, we’d love to hear from you! Please contact J.J. Halemeier,, for more information and to apply.


Providing Comfort and Growth: A young woman who utilized our shelter for almost a year wrote, “Hosea Youth Services changed my life, changed everything about it. I was broke, and I was broken! Hosea was there with love, support, a bed, and nourishment both physically and spiritually. It was a place of comfort and growth. They helped me grasp a new life walking with Jesus. Finally I am living my dream, going to school to get my CNA and will soon be going to college. I would like to thank everyone who has made it possible for me to live the life I have today. ~Whitney

Hosea Youth Services

Mailing Address:
Hosea Youth Services
PO Box 5531
Eugene, OR 97405

Drop-In Physical Address:
(Inside the church on 8th & Monroe)
834 Monroe Street
Eugene, OR 97402

Most Urgent Needs

- YOU: Volunteers
- Monthly Support (Donations)
- Winter Garments (esp. coats)
- Clean, New Undergarments
- Backpacks & Jeans
- Camping Equipment
- Toiletries
- Paper and Cleaning Supplies


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