Hello there! My name is Joshua Frank and I have the pleasure of writing this month’s blog post for Hosea. As I was trying to decide what to write, I landed on two topics: the shifting weather and our summer program. Please read on to learn more about each topic and how you can help the youth who visit HYS.

Summer Gear

It was nice to finally wake up the other morning and smell the smells of Spring. There’s a very distinct sweetness in the air in Eugene during Spring, and it’s a wonderful indicator that sunnier, warmer days are on the horizon. Though nicer weather does eliminate some of the challenges that our youth face during the Winter—i.e. freezing temperatures, rainy or snowy nights, and a lack of warm gear, there are still many challenges that our youth face during the warmer Summer months.

As an example, the capacity that youth have to own belongings is very limited, as anything they own often must be manually carried or hauled. Meaning that, during the winter months, youth ditch colder clothes in exchange for warmer, heavier, Winter-ready clothes. At our Drop-In Center, we do our best to clear floor space in our resource room for the things youth currently need, which means that we, too, “ditch” (but really we store or re-donate) some of our Summer wear for more appropriate Winter clothes during the colder months. Accordingly, we are in need of Spring and Summer clothing donations for youth as the weather changes. Furthermore, many of the youth we work with need older, adult sizes—i.e L, XL, etc. If you’d like to donate Summer resources, please feel free to reach out to me at joshuajfrank@icloud.com. I’m happy to tell you more about how you can donate.

Summer Intensive

During the Summer, we have a program for youth who want to get out of the city and reengage with what life could look like off of the streets—also we teach some pretty sweet survival skills. We call this the Summer Intensive. We piloted this program last summer and took a handful of youth on several different trips such as rafting, hiking, camping, and backpacking. These trips were an amazing experience and helped HYS staff to develop deep relationships with the youth in the program. We are very excited to be building on our experiences of last summer, offering the program to youth once again. However, youth in the program need appropriate wilderness gear—as any avid adventurer knowns, good gear makes the journey that much more fun. If you’d like to help support this program, HYS would appreciate donations such as back-packing backpacks, hiking shoes, flashlights, and other miscellaneous wilderness gear.

Thanks for all you do!